Ilja Arhipov


Ilja Arhipov


I am an avid learner when it comes to the metal and welding industry.

I like to multitask and many of my technical skills can be seen here.

I am an expert in the installation and welding of the pipelines, having 20 years of industry experience. Always looking for a challenge, I decided to establish my own company just after 4 years of workmanship.

Although our team is 12-strong, I still take pride to be at the front end of the installation and welding process, proving direct involvement with all the Clients, while leading our team.

I am passionate about solid-state physics, electricity and engineering. I love to experiment and look for new solutions, continuously developing my skills.

Currently, I am in the process of obtaining a degree in the Faculty of Metallurgy.

I am a family man raising 2 sons.

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