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Individual approach, direct contact with no 3rd party involvement - all of this is only possible in small businesses with less than 15 people.

Ilja Arhipov //

Our history

Stinsenman UU has been registered as a company in 2004 in Estonia, back in the days we used to work on the central heating market in Estonia and Sweden. In 2007 the company grew to 7 people and with this team we accomplished one of the most unique and difficult projects in 2006-2007 in Sweden (see video).

In 2008 we created our own website and today most of our clients know us by this name.

In 2012 we started working on the Norwegian and Danish markets.

Today is a group of companies link, with a strong and solid background in welding and many years of experience in the installation and welding of large and small diameter trunk pipelines, as well as other technological systems associated with the pipeline.


Why us?

Flexibility, individual approach and many years of experience - these factors play the main role when choosing your welding contractor.

Your problem - Heating, gas, pumping station, boiler room, etc.

Geography - All of Europe.

Your conditions - Quality, terms.


Why? Since 2014 our company offers quality and professional services in all areas of installation  and pipeline welding. We make sure that all our clients are satisfied by the work done.

The key to success is professional, experienced employees who have proven themselves over the past few years in this industry.

We are responsible, demanding as a general contractor and executive, hardworking as a subcontractor.

  • Quality Certificate Iso 9001.2000
  • Our welding operations comply with DS / EN ISO 5817
  • We fully understanding environmental management system ISO 14001

Наш профиль

Наш основной профиль - субподрядные работы по строительству различных трубопроводов, теплотрасс, газотрасс больших и малых диаметров, а также других технологических систем, связанных с трубопроводом. 

Мы работаем в индустриях:

  • Производства и транспортировки тепла
  • Водоочистные сооружения
  • Нефтеперерабатывающие терминалы
  • Переливные терминалы
  • Системы охлаждения
  • Целлюлозные фабрики
  • Пищевая индустрия

С нами вы получите:

  • Требуемое качество и скорость выполнения работ
  • Индивидуальный подход к вашему проекту
  • Гибкость

Сертификаты сертификаты/компетенции 

  • WPQR
  • WPS
  • AAA сертификат
  • ISO 9001

Сертификаты персонала 

  • Сварочные сертификаты 111, 141, 311
  • Id06
  • Пожарные карты скандинавских стран
  • Безопасность труда
  • Погрузчик
  • Монтажные лифты
  • HMS карта, Норвегия

Our team


Our offices

We mostly operate in Sweden, Norway and Denmark but we would love to get involved in a project anywhere in the world.

We also had some very exiting projects in Switzerland, Austria and Malta. There are no limits for us!



Of Experience



In Europe




UÜ Stinsenman
Org. nr : 110 890 90
VAT nr : EE101017620
Address :
UÜ Stinsenman
Tskalovi 9-5,
Sillamae 40 232 Estonia
e-mail :

Stinsenman Norge AS
Reg. nr : 921 787 871
VAT nr : NO 921 787 871
Address :
Stinsenman Norge AS
Postbox 675 Løren Lørenveien 44, 0585 Oslo, Norway

Baltic weld OU. : 12397113
VAT nr : EE101614450.
Address :
Roheline tn 3-16 Sillamäe Ida-Virumaa 40232

  • +372 555 11 401


  • Postbox 375, Loren Lorenveien 44
    0585 Oslo, Norway

  • Mo-Fri: 8am - 6pm
    Sat: 10am - 4pm
    Sun: off